Cooperative Project Agreement (CPA) Restructuring

GTG Presentation materials in response to LCOG's Request for Qualifications

GTG presented to the CPA Steering Work Group on January 12, 2018.

Geographic Technologies Group Deliverables for Phase 1: Examine the CPA’s Existing Environment, Conditions, and Future Needs

Deliverable 1:  Multi-Agency Stakeholder Identification and Description

Stakeholder Identification Report

Deliverable 2:  Questionnaire

Short Questionnaire Responses

Long Questionnaire Responses

Voice of the Customer (DRAFT)

Voice of the Customer Final

Deliverable 3:  Kick-Off Workshop and Technology Seminar

GTG Presentation materials 

GTG Kickoff Meeting Materials

LCOG Kickoff Presentation Final (pdf)

LCOG Kickoff Presentation App Links and Descriptions

Deliverable 4:  GIS Stakeholder /Partner Interviews

Partner Interview Report

Deliverable 5:  Multi-Agency Cooperative GIS Working Sessions

GTG presentation to agencies for the SWOT

SWOT Findings Report

Deliverable 6:  GIS Needs Assessment Findings Presentation and Report

Needs Assessment Findings

Deliverable 7:  GIS Needs Assessment Findings Presentation and Report

GIS Needs Assessment Findings Presentation and Report