Public Comment Opportunities

The public is invited to comment on the following open topic(s):

The following proposed amendments to the 18-21 MTIP are currently open for public comment through August 20, and will be considered by the Transportation Planning Committee at their August 21 meeting.

I. City of Springfield - SRTS Crossing Improvements (STIP Key 21396)
Design and construction of crossing improvements at Jasper Road at Dondea St.
Total Current Est.: $125,000 (STBG)
Convert federal STBG funds to State Funds (SFLP)

 II. City of Springfield - Gateway St at Kruse Way intersect improvements (STIP Key 20174)
Install rectangular rapid flashing beacon with median island. Install traffic separators to protect the designated left turn on the south leg of Gateway at the Gateway/Beltline signalized intersection.
Total Current Est.: $231,300 (HSIP)
Convert federal HSIP funds to State Funds (SFLP)

 III. City of Coburg - Coburg Loop- N. Coburg Industrial Way (STIP Key 21327)
Construct shared-use path along west side of N Coburg Industrial Way from Sarah Lane Connector to Wetland Park 
Total Current Est.: $699,877 (STBG)
Slip PE phase from 2019 to 2020
Slip CN phase from 2020 to 2021

 IV. Lane County - Beaver Hunsaker Corridor Safety Express (STIP Key 21477)
Resurface roadway with new markings providing pedestrian space with vertical delineators on south side of Hunsaker Ln; install RRFB on Hunsaker Ln at Taito St; new separated path on east side of Beaver St to existing path at Division Ave.
Total Current Est.: $668,672.68 (HIP)
Slip PE phase from 2019 to 2020

 V. City of Springfield - City of Springfield signal enhancements (local roads) (STIP Key 21447)
Signal enhancements on various signals on local roads.
Total Current Est.: $2,033,100
Slip PE phase from 2019 to 2020
Slip RW phase from 2020 to 2021

 VI. City of Eugene - 13th Ave: Lincoln St to Alder St (Eugene) (STIP Key 20165)
Safety projects at various locations including illumination, intersection work, bike/pedestrian improvements, ADA upgrades, signal work, signs, striping, medians; Construct two-way protected bikeway along 13th Avenue from Alder Street to Olive Street.
Total Current Est.: $3,004,654.52 (HSIP, STBG)
Add $395,862.91 local funds to CN
$97,600 HSIP to be added to CN from RW and UR (already approved)
New Total Project Est.: $3,498,117.43

VII. City of Springfield - 19 St and Marcola Rd intersection design (STIP Key 21395)
Analyze design concepts to identify appropriate intersection treatment.
Total Current Est.: $100,000 (CMAQ)
Cancel PL phase ($100,000 CMAQ)
Project to be completed with local funds

City of Springfield - S. 28th Street dust mitigation (Springfield) (STIP Key 21174)
Pave gravel portion of S. 28th St from S. F St to city limits; pave shoulders and driveway approaches and improve surface drainage.
Total Current Est.: $1,825,872.76 (CMAQ, local)
Add $89,156.36 (CMAQ + match) to CN phase
New Total Project Est.: $1,915,029.12

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For all of the public comment opportunities you may comment by mailing, emailing, providing comment online or in person at the public hearing (if applicable).



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