Understanding Your Rights

Legal Aid

Legal Aid provides civil legal assistance to persons in economic and social need in Lane County, Oregon. This includes people in poverty, many recipients of public benefits, and many persons who experience disabilities, as well as people 60 and over. There is no charge to apply for assistance, and most services are provided free of charge.

Senior Law Program

Legal Aid’s Senior Law Program offers legal advice for seniors 60+. This program is sponsored by Senior and Disabled Services.

To make an appointment, call one of the outreach locations directly:

Outreach Locations
Phone Number
Campbell Center
Petersen Barn
Viking Sal in Junction City
Cottage Grove
541-485-1017, ext. 131
541-485-1017, ext. 131

If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact the program director at 541-485-1017, ext. 131. Learn More

Ombudsman Program

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Office exists to enhance the quality of life, improve the level of care, protect individual rights and promote the dignity of each Oregon resident of a nursing facility, adult foster care home, residential care facility or assisted living facility. Staff from S&DS frequently work with the Ombudsman’s office to resolve complaints and promote the well-being of facility residents.